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Supply Chain Cockpit

Data is good but decision information is better. There is a “goldmine” of data in planning tools but we have troubles in exploiting that goldmine and transforming it in decision information for a wider audience. Together we found a solution to make the right planning information available to the right persons in the right format and called it a Supply Chain Cockpit.


Easy accessible and affordable tool linked to the planning products e.g. DELMIA Quintiq, that gives users online insight in their past and future Supply Chain and helps them to perform advanced analytics on the Supply Chain data.

Key Features

Tailored according to your needs


Connect seamlessly and import data from wide range of planning application or web data

Data from the past and the future

Access to historical data, combine with planning data. Analyse and discover new trends or insights

Transform data into easy accessible information

Transform data from your planning tools into information for a wider audience

Speed up info sharing and decision making

Use the mobile and office 365 platform to easily share, communicate and speed up your decision making

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